After testing FLarToolKit library, and being disappointed by the frame rate. I discovered the work of Eugene (http://blog.inspirit.ru/) on his ASFEAT lib. It's fast & ingenius... So here is a demo using asfeat and away 3D 4. It uses Flash player 11.2 to take advantage of : StageVideo.attachCamera() & Camera.drawToBitmapData (http://www.bytearray.org/?p=3684). As Stage3D is behind the stage, and Stage3D background can't be transparent( impossibility to display the stageVideo) , I display the webcam capture on a 3D plane .
Update : no need to display the webcam on a 3D plane. I ve just discovered this : away3d.containers.View3D.backgroundImage(value:BitmapData):void. Best fps with this method.

Tags : AS3, In2ar, AwayPhysics, Away3D