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This not AS3 !
Why createJS, why typescript ? It makes sense this days... I will not talking longer about adobe's choice and the flashplayer.. It's time to change (le changement c'est maintenant !). So, I was looking for something similar to as3 oop to work with html5 canvas. Futhermore i'm not familiar with javascript (function, prototype, etc..), all this looks crappy for me. I had heard some cool things about createJS framework(both supported by Adobe and microsoft, but I had to do javascript, I had no idea wich IDE use, etc..

So I discover this fabulous open source language supported by Microsoft : Typescript. TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript, there is class, modules, etc... It runs on various IDE, I choose VS Express for web from Microsoft it's free and easy to use with advanced debugging facilities (download) . Microsoft provides a 'plug-in' to install typescript for VS express typescript for VS. It's simple, the installation is very easy. You do not need some particular skills, once installed, you compile by just clicking on one button ! You have to get typescript definitions for createjs and after that it's very, very similar to AS3 coding. I feel like at home !

So here is a little sample project, with listeners, event dispatching, sprite sheets... You can download this project by clicking on the 'source button' to the top right. The project is for VS Express.

You can also check this more advanced game project here : Typescript CreateJS Game
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