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Here is a JS port of the famous RVO2 C++library from http://gamma.cs.unc.edu/ . I used TypeScript for this jobs. Once again Typescript proves that you can do 'high' JS dev without JS knowledge. My background is mainly AS3 and few C and C++. CreateJS is used too

It runs at 60 fps on my laptop on chrome, and firefox (few latences ?). I did not test on IE10. This demo do not use workers yet , I have somethig working at home with workers and the simulation runs more faster. I'm quite impress by javascript speed and improvment ! I will continue working on adapting RVO to JS. My port is not completely clean, need to adapt and optimize few things (A* or dijkstra roadmap for better collision avoidance, and few 'stange c++ things to JS' !

Update 01/2014 : Typescript sources available juste clic on the top right button, or . https://github.com/samuelgirardin/RVO2_JS

Tags : JS - CreateJS - TypeScript - RVO2 - Steering behavior